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Vanessa KNowles
Breast Cancer Survivor

Vanessa Brown Knowles is one of the founding members of the Nationally Acclaimed Gospel Quartet "The Brown Singers". Though the group started their journey around 1976, their faith was tested in 2001 when one the group's members was diagnosed with and passed from cervical cancer. As if that wasn't devastating enough, in 2002, Vanessa was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. At the time, she was a single-parent, raising two teenagers, working and traveling with the group. It was a blow that took its toll on her family and the group, especially after losing someone they loved. She managed to maintain her responsibilities while undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy and 34 treatments of radiation. It was during this time that the gospel quartet community along with a few other amazing individuals stepped up to help her financially. Afer going through this traumatic experience, she decided to dedicate her life to helping other people who are battling this disease. After 40 years of traveling and singing, in 2017, The Brown Singers decided to end their tradition of having an annual homecoming/anniversary to present "Survivor Fest".  It is their hope to educate the gospel community, local churches and the tri-state area on the importance of early detection. They also want to use this opportunity to be a blessing to others.  


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